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Feb 20

Cisco Certified Internet Professional (CCIP)| Definition & More!

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Job Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of a CCIP is to manage, support and troubleshoot IP networks. At times their job responsibilities vary from one organization to other however the functionality remains the same. The trained professionals after a Cisco certification are expected to maintain and fix the organizational issues that use Cisco networking technology.

Cisco certified professionals are generally expected to work for service providers like local exchange carriers, competitive local exchange carriers, and ISPs. They are responsible for the creation and design of various types of networks. Primarily CCIP should implement security measures, and address vulnerabilities when designing a network for any business.

Cisco network professional’s goal should always involve uninterrupted network uptime. They assist network engineers, suggest software upgrades, train customers, and report security threats. Sometimes, they will also accomplish tasks with architects, in order to plan new networking infrastructures. 

They often assist as network engineers, working with hardware engineers to build or repair the networks. They should suggest software upgrades, train customers, and report security threats. In a few cases, they also perform the job with architects to plan a new networking infrastructure. 

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Feb 19

Service Desk Analyst | Definition, Salary & Role

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Service Desk Analysts are IT professionals who provide technical help for users of an organization. Analysts respond to inquiries, and they evaluate and resolve issues relating to IT equipment and applications. They provide technical care for any aspect of the information systems unit, including system hardware, operating systems, applications, and networks. Generally, they should be troubleshooting bent of mind and with proper communication to the stakeholders.

Manage Support Requests

A significant responsibility of Service Desk Analysts is to manage support requests that can come through a range of networks, such as email, chat, and telephone. They must document issue severity, and they must utilize standard procedures to resolve issues. Analysts must also maintain support tracking systems. 

Resolve Technical Issues

Service Desk Analysts must resolve technical issues. In some organizations, they resolve these issues remotely. For certain common problems, such as installation and configuration problems, they provide users technical documentation so that they can better understand their systems. 

Accelerate Complex Cases

Service Desk Analysts often must accelerate customer support requests to higher-level IT support specialists if they are unable to resolve a particular issue on their own. Analysts then provide specialists with details about the issue so that they can resolve it effectively. 


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Feb 18

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer Job Description

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Microsoft Certified Professional Developers resolve a wide range of issues facing customers. They must be able to resolve issues relating to routers and server administration, and they must have strong knowledge about various programming languages. They also must have knowledge of refactoring databases and profiling applications, in order to optimize application performance.

Job Description

The main responsibility of Microsoft Certified Professional Developers is to help organizations solve problems related to Microsoft technologies. They must know how to use development tools such as Visual Studio, SharePoint and .NET Framework. They should develop and deploy Microsoft technologies.

The professional must resolve issues related to cloud development, such as the Windows Azure Platform. They must have practical experience with various routers and knowing how to perform server administration.

It is the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer task to resolve issues relating to programming languages. The developer must optimize network performance by using refactoring databases and profiling applications. They should have a strong understanding of technologies such as Microsoft Silverlight, Visual Studio and other applications.

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Feb 15

Fiber Optic Jobs and Outline

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The modern world is hinged on internet and telecommunication connectivity. We cannot imagine a world without the internet or telephone/cellphone connections, primarily because most of our daily business is based on connecting with people living hundreds and thousands of miles away. The only way we can conveniently and quickly connect with these people is through these mediums. Therefore, fiber optic engineer jobs are very much in demand these days.

Fiber optic engineer jobs salary falls within the mid-range bracket. A survey says that fiber optic engineers earn around $55,000 per year. This figure tends to vary since some big names in the industry offer higher salary packages than smaller competitors. Fiber engineer jobs in reliance and other big telecommunication firms offer very good packages to qualified applicants.

This field of work does not need a high level of education, such as a master’s or postgraduate degree. Since this field relies mostly on experience and proficiency on the part of the employee, a high-level degree would most likely make a prospective engineer overqualified. Most fiber engineer jobs ask for a bachelor’s in engineering or electronics or a diploma in the field of optics. More important is the apprenticeship that should be undertaken before looking for fiber engineer jobs. These apprenticeship training programs last 3-5 years and groom the student for the field. Fiber optic engineer jobs for novices often ask for this kind of experience.

Fiber optic engineering is a demanding job. It puts a certain degree of strain on the physique of the individual and involves braving the environment rather than comfortably sitting in an office chair. However, this is a massively rewarding job for people who want to actually work on the field and engage in traditional engineering work.

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Feb 14

Freelance Fortinet Firewalls Deployment

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Are you looking for an engineer that has experience in the deployment of Fortinet firewalls? If so, you have come to the right place because here at Field Engineer, we can provide you with this. Making sure that firewalls are up and running for your business is going to be crucial, and having an engineer do this for you is going to be the best option.

Firewall Engineers On-Demand

Using Field Engineer, you are going to be able to get real responses from engineers in real time. There is going to be no waiting around, or having responses that aren’t relevant to your work order and this is one of the biggest benefits that you will find when you use our site. The safety of your business is vital, and with a next-gen firewall such as Fortinet set up by a firewall engineer, you can have the peace of mind that you need.

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Feb 13

CCNP Routing and Switching Role

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The CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Routing and Switching expert is the specialist who take care of the network strategies of an organization. CCNP routing and switching certification authenticate the skill to design, implement, verify and troubleshoot LAN, WAN, enterprise networks and work collectively with the experts on progressive security, voice, wireless and video solutions.

CCNP Routing and Switching Certification

For the network engineers ambitious to plan, implement, confirm and resolve LAN & WAN networks, the Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching certification program provides training on required hands-on skills and best-practices. This program uses practical learnings and allows you to make the most of your time in your training and increases the value of enterprise network.

The CCNP certification is suitable for those with at least one year of networking experience who are ready to progress their skills and work self-reliant either on a freelance basis independently or full time.

Job Outlook

The occupation outlook for network and systems administrators, with Cisco engineers, is excellent; data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) suggest that occupation in this field may increase 8% from 2014 to 2024. According to the BLS, the network and systems administrators got median annual earnings of $77,810 in 2015.

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Feb 12

Cloud Architect Skills

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A Cloud Architect is an IT specialist who develops a company’s computing strategy. This strategy incorporates cloud adoption plans, cloud application design as well as cloud management and monitoring. Additional responsibilities include support for application architecture and deployment in cloud environments.

Educational Qualifications

Employers usually prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, electronics or telecommunications. Some organizations also take into consideration relevant work experience or a master’s degree in engineering. For some advanced engineering positions, some organizations opt for candidates with a master’s degree in Business Administration as well.

Additional skills

Knowledge of operating system

The candidates must have a good understanding of the operating systems such as Linux, Unix, Solaris, Ubuntu, Windows. It is essential to be familiar with the concepts, pros, and cons of the various operating systems.

Good understanding of networking

Having proper knowledge of TCP/IP, IP addresses, HTTP, and DNS is an added advantage. The candidate must be familiar with the concepts before pursuing the role of a cloud architect.


It is must for a Cloud Architect to have good command over the vital security concepts. Security is considered one of the essential aspects of the cloud. Basic knowledge of firewall and other security components is necessary.

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Feb 11

Juniper Resident Engineer Educational Qualifications and Other Requirements

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A Juniper Networks Resident Engineer provides support on-site on all technical facets for an organization of network products of Juniper. As they work in conjunction with the organization’s staff, they gain in-depth knowledge of the environment’s precise needs and processes, particular configurations, and problems of its network, and capabilities and drawbacks of its personnel. Therefore, the Juniper Resident Engineers can help by preventing network issues before they crop up, and will also be geared up to sort out problems swiftly when they arise.

Educational Qualifications and Other Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in computer sciences or a related field is required for applicants for the posts of Juniper Resident Engineers, besides JNCIE certification. If they are conversant with Multicast, it would be beneficial.

Candidates also should have installed and operated IP routers and must have operated management tools and network analyzers. Furthermore, they should know the fundamentals of TCP/IP, have experience in IP routing (BGP, ISIS, Routing Policy, IPv6, OSPF, RSVP, LDP, MPLS-TE) be conversant with VPNs and linked tunneling technologies, such as VPLS, MPLS, MVPN, etc., and routing policies at BGP peering points. They should display competence with JUNOS CLI, have knowledge of SD-WAN, and Ethernet switching.

Moreover, they should have an understanding of Layer 2 protocols and technologies, such as ATM, POS, and Frame Relay, among others, and have programming and scripting experience in Ruby, Python and Shell and so on.

Finally, they should be knowledgeable of security technologies, such as NAT, Firewall, IPsec VPN, and IPsec, among others.

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Feb 05

R56 Communication Site Installer Jobs

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The Communication Site Installer is the trained professional who would be involved in the set-up, supervision, routing, distribution, and switching as required by the telephone and dialing equipment that would be used in the main offices of the businesses.

Their primary responsibility would be to help the business clients install and ensure that they have an effective communication system that works without interruptions across the whole site. These professionals could be required to be at a designated field location or the customer's location.

The Installer would help enhance and set up the communication system in the business premise by setting up, working on, and maintaining the voice and data telecommunications network circuits and equipment.

Education & Certification

To qualify as an installer, you would need to have a degree in Computer Science , IT, Telecom, or other related fields. Certifications such as the "Communications Site Installation R56" would be a bonus. 

The training is available in the marketplace for Motorola Site Installation Practices (R56) which is designed to present the standards and guidelines for installing a Motorola communication system.

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Feb 04

Certified Data Recovery Professional Jobs

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Certified Data Recovery Specialist should be well-versed with computer hardware, specifically hard drives and associated equipment. They have to take care of the computer hardware to fixing mechanical issues. The certified expert will perform low level forensics on multiple computer hardware storages. They should create data recovery plans for disaster recovery. The professional should identify the computer data that are either hidden or damaged.


    It is their responsibility to analyze and diagnose the clicking noised in hard drives. They should take care of the head stack replacement in hard disks. The professional must look into the hard disk P-List and G-List recovery. They have to address and analyze any issues related to data loss. The professionals are capable of clearing passwords on a password protected the hard drive.

They should diagnose the physical recovery of drives and must have a proper understanding of how to unlock the actuator of a drive. The professional should take charge of the single and multi-platter swaps. They should be a part of the head assembly replacement.

They have to play an active role in updating the hard drive microcodes as well. The certified professional has to troubleshoot computer hardware issues and take care of the maintenance on desktops and servers. They should work in collaboration with other team members to identify security issues related to company data.

The certified expert should diagnose the Service Area (SA) of a drive. They review data structures with a Hex Editor. The professionals enable the solid state drive recovery and should perform RAID array, RAID 0 Recovery & RAID 5 Recovery.

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