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Feb 19

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You need to have high quality cables connecting your console to your TV. A majority of the gaming systems will rely on several cables for optimal connectivity. If you can use different connections on your monitor or TV, what do you prefer? If you can, go for DVI or HDMI to get the clearest picture and best signal. The next best would be composite or S-Video, and next is RCA. Low quality coaxial connections are quite common. 

Feb 19

Web Technician Job Description

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Web Technician Job Description :

Web Technicians help web designers for web design and programmers set up and maintain web sites as well as related computer servers.

The responsibility of Web Technician is to develop and maintain portions of the organizational internet and intranet website at the various department level or a designated field. They are highly involved in designs, development, tests and publishes new web pages and websites in compliance with industry and official criteria.

Ensures that allocated area is steady, well planned, operative to use, up-to-date, and properly retained. They may have accountability for related tasks such as managing information and transactions generated from organizational web pages.

Job responsibilities for Web Technicians may vary slightly between organizations, but the following duties and responsibilities are standard ones:

    To support web server hardware and software
    To maintain, upgrade and install hardware and software
    To propose and implement solutions to website issues and other problems encountered by users
    To ensure high-quality products and services, according to the provided standards, processes and procedures
    To ensure network optimization
    To audit and edit websites
    To provide user support for various tools and software
    To update security policies in coordination with information policies, to protect websites from malware and other types of cyber threats
    To monitor internet access
    To modify web pages, applets, and scripts
    To backup web servers and provide recovery options

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Feb 19

CompTIA Network Plus Roles and Responsibilities

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The Network + certified individuals configure, manage, and fix networks computer systems, remote access systems, and equipment, such as scanners, copiers, and faxes.  They devise and execute operating networks, as well as configure, supervise, and support crucial network devices.

Although A+ certification helps aspiring networking professionals gain extensive knowledge to work as computer technicians who can troubleshoot PCs, it does not give people a toehold for obtaining all types of entry-level IT jobs.

As it is recognized by the US Department of Defense (DoD) and accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), it is valued highly by businesses.

Find the details: CompTIA Network+ | Certification, Salary, Opportunities & More

Feb 19

IP Network Engineer

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IP Network Engineers design, implement and maintain a company or organization’s IP Ethernet network. It is their responsibility to develop tools to manage the network. They provide all necessary technical assistance to operation groups around the clock as needed.

The IP Network Engineer researches developing standards for an organization’s network configuration. They must also produce documentation of the existing network topology as well as possible new technologies for use by engineering and operations. The technician proactively seeks opportunities to optimize traffic distribution in collaboration with the operations department.

The Network Engineer must offer technical assistance to the IP Network devices such as Routers, Switches and Firewalls. They are responsible for handling technical issues, fault finding and maintenance operations. The professional has to come up with maintenance solutions and software commissioning. It is the duty of the IP Network Engineer to conduct technical activities such as technical audits and service migrations.


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Feb 19

NOC Technician

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Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians oversee complex network components and are responsible for network management. They perform troubleshooting on a daily basis. The work of a NOC technician entails maintaining network, servers, and telecom equipment in an organization.To be specific, a NOC is a central location from which IT support technicians administer, monitor, fix, and maintain client networks. NOCs use software to assist in managing the networks.

Known also as network management centers, NOCs are set up by organizations to evaluate problems, fix issues, and interact with field technicians and observe problems closely until their resolutions.   Network and servers constitute the basic part of an IT infrastructure. Businesses hire NOC technicians for creating a centralized location comprising both servers and network elements, which they house in the same place to simplify both security and maintenance.

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Feb 19

Hire Freelance Laptop Technicians

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Etiquetado en: Des-etiquetado marketplace now has a market presence in 175 countries worldwide with over 40,000 active Engineers. Below is our heat map which shows how we have covered most part of the world with this great idea called as We have made it free and easy for businesses to get their work done seamlessly in 175 countries. In just a few steps you can get your work done on  Signup as a business and start posting your work orders.


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FieldEngineer is a truly global platform, with over 40,000 engineers across 40 different countries. All of the engineers have undergone thorough background checks and are ready to start work as soon as you require. You can manage the entire process of securing engineers within the platform with ease: simply upload your work order, then assess the available engineers and select the worker(s) that meet your criteria.


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Feb 19

Microsoft Certified IT Professional

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These professionals are the first point of contact for end users seeking help to resolve incidents. They either resolve or escalate the issues to the IT team.

Professionals must not make the mistake of focusing only on technology. As they need to work in collaboration with other professionals, they must also focus on being good team players and possess excellent communication skills. Organizations require them to adhere to their policies and procedures and adopt their best work practices.

In addition, they must understand data and how businesses function. But, despite the area they work on, IT professionals need to have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, the ability to multitask, and excellent customer service skills.

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Feb 19

Service Desk Analyst | Definition, Salary & Role

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Service Desk Analysts are IT professionals who provide technical help for users of an organization. Analysts respond to inquiries, and they evaluate and resolve issues relating to IT equipment and applications. They provide technical care for any aspect of the information systems unit, including system hardware, operating systems, applications, and networks. Generally, they should be troubleshooting bent of mind and with proper communication to the stakeholders.

Manage Support Requests

A significant responsibility of Service Desk Analysts is to manage support requests that can come through a range of networks, such as email, chat, and telephone. They must document issue severity, and they must utilize standard procedures to resolve issues. Analysts must also maintain support tracking systems. 

Resolve Technical Issues

Service Desk Analysts must resolve technical issues. In some organizations, they resolve these issues remotely. For certain common problems, such as installation and configuration problems, they provide users technical documentation so that they can better understand their systems. 

Accelerate Complex Cases

Service Desk Analysts often must accelerate customer support requests to higher-level IT support specialists if they are unable to resolve a particular issue on their own. Analysts then provide specialists with details about the issue so that they can resolve it effectively. 


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Feb 18

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Feb 18

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