andhra pradesh micro irrigation project

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Andhra Pradesh Micro Irrigation Project (APMIP), is the unique and first comprehensive project being implemented in a big way in Andhra Pradesh for the past 13 years. APMIP was launched in the month of November 2003. The Project aims at improving the economic conditions of the farmers by conserving water, bringing an additional area into cultivation with the available water resources, enhancing the crop productivity and production, quality, facilitating judicious usage of groundwater, saving in power consumption and cost of cultivation. APMIP is being implemented with the assistance from the Government of India, State Government, and farmer contribution.


In view of the deficit Rainfall, Rainshadow regions, unpredictable rains and considerable depletion of groundwater, the farming community realized the need to adopt the technologies of Micro Irrigation to achieve the concept of “More Crop per Drop”. The government of Andhra Pradesh has set a goal to cover the entire potential area available in all the 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh under Micro Irrigation, within the next five years.




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